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The novel coronavirus transmission in Seoul by UV LED "violeds"
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- violeds has been proven to be 97% resistant to influenza viruses and various bacteria

90% of coronavirus can be killed by 60 seconds of UV-C (100-280nm) led irradiation

- China's auto industry began to actively study UV LED in vehicle sterilization system to prevent coronavirus

- NASA uses violeds technology to create a clean environment for the international space station

The novel coronavirus (COVID 19) is spreading worldwide, and the number of customers seeking UV LED innovation technology Violeds products with superior bactericidal effect has increased by more than 5 times from last month, SEOUL VIOSY, UV LED solution professional enterprise, Seoul, said.

According to the "ultraviolet germicidal irradiation Handbook 1", more than 90% of coronavirus can be killed by single wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) irradiation for one minute. In addition, after testing the air-conditioning and household appliances using this technology, Chinese testing institutions found that the aerosol virus particles decreased by 97%.


(left) manual of ultraviolet sterilization and irradiation (right) certification of Guangdong microbiological testing center

Until recently, many companies were relatively conservative in adopting UV LED technology, because traditional UV LED generally has a short service life (10000 hours) and high cost. However, Seoul vials recently increased its lifetime to more than 50000 hours, similar to visible LEDs for general lighting, and increased its production capacity to achieve a cost competitive advantage. Recently, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, many Chinese automobile companies are actively evaluating the feasibility of using "violeds" technology to implement in car sterilization. A variety of UVC product application projects are also increasing rapidly.

Violeds UV LED technology has been used by NASA to sterilize the international space station, providing a healthy and sterile environment for astronauts. Maltani, the largest lighting company in South Korea, has adopted violet UV LED for sterilization lighting. RGF, the first supplier of American air purification system, has adopted the technologies of violeds for its newly released [halo led] indoor sterilization heating and cooling air conditioning system in November 2019. The relevant information can be found on YouTube. In addition, SK magic company and Hyundai leasing company also use the violeds UV LED technology in their water purifiers.


RGF air conditioning system with Seoul vials Technology

Lee Jung hoon, CEO of Seoul semiconductor, founded Seoul viaosh 18 years ago to launch strategic cooperation with Japanese and American companies to develop UV LED technology. "The company's violeds technology has made progress in the field of leukoplakia treatment and biological research using animals and plants, hoping to help human health as soon as possible and create a clean world," he said The service life of LED has been increased from 10000 hours to more than 50000 hours (the level of ordinary lighting LED), which greatly reduces the price and helps people create a safe and clean environment under the threat of coronavirus.

Lee Yung Chou, who has been CEO of the company since weiaoshi started his business in 2002, is currently in charge of business management.


The development of weiaoshi in Seoul

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