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Job title: QA / QC (electronic instrument)


1. Responsible for the company's product quality control and technical guidance, according to the industry standard organization implementation;

2. Be responsible for incoming inspection of outsourcing parts;

3. Organize incoming inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection;

4. Assist to analyze the quality problems of finished products and put forward improvement suggestions;

5. Assist the organization to implement the quality objectives (product quality, production process, Department process, etc.) and implement the quality policy

6. Participate in the testing process of new products or sample finished products, and participate in the preparation and improvement of relevant acceptance standards and operation instructions;

7. Complete the tasks assigned by the leaders on time, quality and quantity;

Job requirements:

1. At least 3 years experience in QA / QC inspection of electronic products, basic knowledge of electronic components, QA / QC experience in electronic factory is preferred;

2. Familiar with quality control requirements and processes, know how to use sampling standards for inspection;

3. Training experience in quality management and quality system certification, internal auditors of ISO9001 and ISO13485 are preferred;

4. Have good organization, communication and coordination ability, have a high sense of responsibility, can work under pressure, dare to take responsibility

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