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Qingdao leyidi Electronics Co., Ltd., located in the coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong Province, focuses on the R & D and production of LED green lighting products. The company's main products are divided into three categories: commercial LED lighting series, household LED lighting backlight series and UVLED disinfection and sterilization series, and commercial LED fluorescent tubes and tubes used in shopping malls, universities, hospitals, government offices and other places Domestic lighting includes various types of LED bulb lamps (including infrared control, acousto-optic control and remote control LED bulbs), led spotlights, led ceiling lamps, cold light eye protection touch table lamps and light strip lamp series; outdoor lighting series mainly includes various types of LED line lamps, RGB internal and external control point light sources, wall washing lamps, projection lamps, digital tubes and other products I don't know. Black and white household appliances LED lighting and indicator lights, such as refrigerator freezer lighting, TV backlight, washing machine barrel lighting, etc.

In recent years, Le Yidi has made in-depth research on deep UV disinfection and sterilization LED lamps, and developed more than 10 UVLED disinfection and sterilization lamps for people's daily life. UVLED disinfection and sterilization module can be widely used in air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water dispensers, air purifiers, intelligent toilets, vacuum cleaners, floor sweeping robots, tableware cabinets, fresh-keeping boxes, thermos cups and kettles, etc Many household appliances, household products built-in disinfection and sterilization purification. The sterilization rate was as high as 99.9%. Qingdao leyidi factory can also accept the custom-made deep UV LED sterilization lamp and UVLED disinfection lamp.

More applications sincerely welcome customers to come to consult, investigate, negotiate and customize, or visit our website Welcome to Qingdao leyidi electronics, contact: 0532-87888760 18663973500 (micro number) thank you!

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