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Vials technology escalator handrail sterilization solution in Seoul
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KOSDAQ: 092190, Korea, is a leading provider of compound semiconductor solutions. In order to help prevent the spread of virus, "violeds" technology has been applied to sterilize escalator handrails. The solution is being adopted by EHC global Inc. (EHC), a global escalator and elevator manufacturer.


EHC Safety + handrail disinfector with vials technology in Seoul

Violeds is a UV LED cleaning technology, which can strongly disinfect the surface of handrails. Its design matches the speed, area and distance of the armrest, and can kill 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria in the light area.

EHC's handrail sterilization solution based on violeds technology has been installed on escalators and moving walks in various environments around the world, including airports, public transport systems, commercial buildings, shopping malls, department stores, medical institutions, stadiums, museums and government buildings. Recently, EHC provided sterilization solutions for escalator handrails using violeds technology to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska and James Armstrong Richardson International Airport in Winnipeg, Canada.

Patrick Bothwell, vice president of sales, EHC global, said: "to meet the growing demand for integrated cleaning, sterilization and disinfection technologies in the vertical transportation sector, EHC has adopted the vials UVC sterilization module from Seoul Viagra. At present, thousands of pieces have been installed, and we expect that there will be continued demand in 2021 and beyond. "

An official from waiaoshi, Seoul, said: "as the new crown epidemic continues, people's attention to sterilization and disinfection of multi-purpose facilities has increased significantly. It is absolutely necessary to use violets in elevators and escalators in airports, hospitals, shopping centers, stadiums and other public places, and even in air conditioning systems. It has been proved that violets can kill 99.9% of the new coronavirus. "

In 2021, the three major brands of refrigerators, dryers and washing machines in the world have all adopted the technology of violeds, and the products of violeds have entered the stage of mass production.

About weiaoshi in Seoul

Weiaoshi Seoul is a full range of solutions provider for UV LEDs, VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser), new generation 3D sensors and laser light sources, and single pixel RGB "micro clean pixels" for display. Founded in 2002, the company is a subsidiary of Seoul semiconductor company, occupying the first market share in UV LED industry (ledinside, 2018). Wyorsch Seoul has a comprehensive portfolio of LED products, including ultraviolet (UV), visible and infrared light in all wavelength ranges (200nm to 1600nm). It has more than 4000 patents related to UV LED technology. Violeds is its flagship product UV LED technology, which provides solutions for many industries such as sterilization and disinfection (UVC), skin treatment (UVB), water / air purification and horticultural effective cultivation. In 2018, weiaoshi in Seoul acquired raycan, an optoelectronic expert, and added advanced VCSEL technology to support smart phone face recognition and automatic driving. It has started mass production. In January 2020, it launched a subversive "micro clean pixel", which is likely to become a game changer in the display market.

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