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Sunuv join hands with LG to subvert disinfection industry, UVLED UV disinfection era is coming
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In recent years, with the improvement of product power and technology, the application of UVLED has been paid more and more attention. In the face of strong potential market demand, LG Innotek, one of the world's leading manufacturers, hereby hosted the UVLED forum, which was successfully concluded in the afternoon of May 29 at JW Marriott Hotel, Qianhai, Shenzhen.


The theme of the forum was "UVLED opens clean future". Park Chung Shuo, President of LG Innotek, Dr. Song zhunwu, led business unit of LG Innotek, Professor Hong Ruihua of national Jiaotong University of Taiwan, Professor Jiang Dongxian of Seoul University, and Ouyang Chenyi, general manager of sunuv, who has successful business practice in the field of UVLED, attended the forum.

Advantages: as a green technology, UVLED has a wide range of applications

At the meeting, Professor Hong Ruihua introduced many advantages of UVLED, UVC ultraviolet sterilization principle, UVC ultraviolet water disinfection application and other issues, and made an optimistic forecast on the global market prospect of UVLED. As a pioneer of the industry, sunuv has already seized the business opportunities and made strategic deployment in the field of UVLED ultraviolet disinfection.

UV (ultra violet rays) led is a green technology to achieve sterilization effect by ultraviolet light. It is a high-tech semiconductor light source emitting ultraviolet light.

UVLED has many advantages. Low calorific value, low energy consumption, power consumption is 10% of the traditional mercury lamp curing machine, energy saving about 90%. It has long life, super long life and durability. The small size of less than 1 cm improves the utilization rate and provides creative space for the design of various subsequent commercial application products.

UVLED can kill bacteria and viruses with specific wavelengths. It has been used in disinfection of water and air, medical, biological, curing, exposure equipment and other fields, and has a variety of commercial applications.

Principle: UVLED ultraviolet disinfection directly cuts off bacterial DNA

Professor Jiang Dongxian from Seoul University shared a large number of experimental cases, pointing out that UVC LED has inhibitory effect on bacteria. At present, there are high temperature resistant bacteria (e.g. mad cow disease), low temperature resistant bacteria (e.g. avian influenza) and drug-resistant bacteria (e.g. superbacteria) on the earth, but no UV resistant bacteria have been found yet.

UVC ultraviolet can directly cut off the DNA of bacteria, destroy the reproductive capacity of microorganisms and inactivate them. When a microorganism is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, its genetic material nucleic acid, DNA and RNA are destroyed by absorbing a large amount of ultraviolet energy, and lose the ability of division and replication. Finally, it will die naturally or be eliminated by the immune system, and lose the ability of pathogenicity to human body.

As far as the practical application of UVLED technology is concerned, the person in charge of sunuv said that the LED UV disinfection products actively developed by the company are based on these characteristics of UVC.

Strategy: sunuv fully deploys UVLED disinfection Market


Ouyang Chenyi, general manager of sunuv, who has been deeply engaged in UVLED industry for many years, gave his own experience on UVLED application technology, and shared "how to select wavelength", "UVLED attenuation characteristics" and UVLED heat and other issues.

"UVLED is still in the early development stage of the industry, and its characteristics need to be further understood. It is suggested that the technology should be conservative, and the selection of core components of UVLED should be biased towards mass production manufacturers." He believes that the commercial application of UVLED in the field of disinfection will be a new opportunity.

"I believe the application research of UVLED can really open up a clean future and make life healthier. At present, sunuv is also committed to the application research and development of UVC disinfection products, and has carried out exploratory practice in different fields. "

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